About Us

Iranian water resources association (IR-WRA) was stablished in 1994 and planed for extension and improving of science and develop quality and quantity of specialists in water sciences and is a non-profit institute that has legal personality. This association is active in scientific, technical and research fields.


The goal of IR-WRA is to improve and expand the understanding of water resources through education, research and information exchange. This is based on the core belief that sustainability requires interdisciplinary and international cooperation. IR-WRA seeks to continually improve water resource decision-making through advancing the collective understanding of physical, ecological, chemical, institutional, social and economic aspects.
Providing an international congress for water resource issues
Advancing water resource and related environmental research
Promoting water education by improving global access to data and information
Enhancing the quality of knowledge used in decision-making
Improving and expanding exchanges of information and expertise
Networking with other organizations to advance common interests
Recognizing contributions towards sound water management


IR-WRA actively promotes the exchange of knowledge on a global and regional scale. The importance of locally based knowledge and experience is emphasized in the exchange of this information at international networking events as well as through Geographical Chapters. These chapters further implement the mission of IR-WRA on a smaller scale to focus its activities and allow for regional networking among IR-WRA members.


IWRA organises and supports international events, its flagship being the World Water Congress, which has been held 16 times since 1973. These congresses occur in different countries around the world for the purpose of:
• Sharing experiences
• Promoting discussions
• Presenting new knowledge, research & developments in the industry
The World Water Congresses have identified and discussed emerging trends and global themes in the water agenda for over 4 decades


Actual members of IR-WRA can:
v Participate in IR-WRA meetings
v Receive recommendation letter (Only for active companies)
v Attend different scientific and industrial tours
v Discount for workshops, training courses and seminars
v Be informed to attend scientific meetings
v Be introduced for job positions related to Water Resources
v Co-organize and cooperate in holding different events
v Get discounts on books, journals, CDs and training videos
Receive monthly newsletter
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